Lou Jasikoff


Enact Term Limits

George Washington refused to serve more than two terms, stating: "You elected a president, not a king".  Too many elected officials have a monopoly on legislation and public service.

Cap Salaries

We have a ruling class we can no longer afford. Legislative pay should be comparable to a district's average individual income, and not several times that of over-taxed families.

Read the Bills

With an exception for emergencies and disasters, I will only vote in favor of bills that are finalized and published for no less than 72 hours.

Court Transparency

The time has come for our courts to move into the 21st century. Citizens everywhere are under constant subservience, yet our public servants operate in darkness where "justice" is administered. It's time for cameras in the courtroom.

Apply Laws Equally to All

Laws must be applied to all citizens equally. This includes our elected and non-elected public servants.